Access & Sliding Scale

At Sensual Delight we want printed media to be as accessible as possible. A devotion to knowledge sharing is at the heart of what we do.

We are a queer, womxn owed business attempting to build a new way of sharing the work we love. We strive to sustain this press while honoring and paying those that create the work we uplift.

We strongly believe that the work we carry contains insight, strategy, respite and nourishment for these times of upheaval, climate chaos, isolation, unchecked technology and injustice.

To hold these works in our hands is a form of sensual delight, a tangible exploration and feast for the senses.

We acknowledge that the prices of many of these publications may be out of reach for some.

We are always open to selling items at cost or on a sliding scale.

This means the press does not profit but is still able to recover basic costs.

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) are prioritized in this effort. We offer this on a honor basis. No one will be asked to prove their identity.

We ask that if you have the means and access class privilege (ie you have generational wealth and/or are able to cover all your basic expenses with funds left over) you purchase items at their stated retail price to sustain and support Sensual Delight Press.

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