Mystery Care Package

Mystery Care Package


If you're a fan of small press culture, love visiting zine fairs, flipping through new indie magazines for inspiration, want to explore a range of content on pleasure and place and enjoy surrendering control in hopes of finding undiscovered gems, this is the care package for you!

An assortment of periodicals, zines, stickers, posters and other printed media from our shop or limited editions, one offs and other fun treats that are exclusive to this care package

Guaranteed to receive

Minimum of 1 periodical (indie magazine, newsprint, comic, book, etc)
Minimum of 2 zines
A miscellaneous collection of other goodies

** if you already own material we have in stock, feel free to make note of it during check out so we do not send you items you already own **

Thanks for taking a leap of faith, thanks for supporting our small press